Our organic range of dry pasta is now sold under the Pastaio di Nuoro brand, to emphasise our connection to Sardinia and to its traditions further. It offers customers a selection of exquisite types of pasta like fregola and malloreddos. Right from the start we decided to use only special, select flours such as Khorasan wheat, Senatore Cappelli and Spelt, all of which are strictly organic both in terms of their ingredients and production. This ensures the best nutritional content and preserves the artisanal nature of the product.

Avoiding unnecessary journeys and energy waste is vital to us. That is why all our suppliers are selected directly from our region. This creates a short supply chain which, with both the ingredients and their production, assures our end consumers that the product has been created with an ethical approach whilst respecting the environment.
  • Organic Kamut® Khorasan Malloreddos

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  • Organic Kamut® Khorasan Fregola

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  • Organic Senatore Cappelli Malloreddos

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  • Organic Senatore Cappelli Fregola

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