Our selection of typical Sardinian fresh pasta was our first product range to be launched onto the market in 2002. It includes classic or mint culurgiones, cheese seadas with lemon or orange, cheese or ricotta ravioli and malloreddos.
They are all typical Sardinian products created by strictly following traditional recipes, carefully selecting the ingredients and adhering to a rigorously artisanal production process.
To ensure the quality of the end product, we concentrated our efforts on sourcing the best raw materials in the region. As such, the durum semolina, eggs, potatoes and cheese (ewe's and cow's) that we use also come from certified local producers. It is fundamental for us to know the precise origin of the ingredients and the cultivation techniques used by the individual producers.
  • Fresh Malloreddos

    Malloreddos, known as Sardinian gnocchi, are produced following... [ Learn more ]

  • Classic Culurgiones and Mint Culurgiones

    Culurgiones are a traditional culinary speciality popular across... [ Learn more ]

  • Cheese and Spinach Ravioli and Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

    These traditional Sardinian ravioli recipes are produced using thin pasta... [ Learn more ]

  • Lemon Seadas and Orange Seadas

    This is one of the traditional Sardinian dishes produced in our factory today following... [ Learn more ]


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