On your table, Sardinian tradition

Local ingredients. Ancient grains. Special organic semolina. Valuable nutrients. Unique taste. Our pastas are special and you will notice it at the first bite.
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The most typical Sardinian specialty. Delicious.
It is similar to couscous: it is Fregola, one of the most typical Sardinian dishes.
“O fregula”, the typical Sardinian pasta. Simple. Delicious.
Our Sardinian "fregula". Toasted.
The traditional recipe with an organic grain.
The most popular Sardinian pasta? Malloreddos, our striped gnocchi.
The original recipe for Malloreddos, the famous Sardinian gnocchi.
Simple. Genuine. Artisanal. With a shape that tastes of tradition.
Tradition meets an ancient and precious grain.
Tradition on the plate. A format that couldn't be more classic.
The best “shells” in Sardinia. Ready to collect all the sauce.
Fregola, Malloreddos, Casarecce and Penne.
Conchiglie, Malloreddos, Fregole, Casarecce.
Una selezione di tutte le nostre speciali Fregole